Key Facts

  • DaTSCANi is a commercially available test and that identifies patients with presynaptic parkinsonism.
  • This scan uses an intravenously administered radiolabeled ligand that binds the dopamine transporter (DAT) on the synaptic terminals of nigrostriatal neurons.
  • This test cannot differentiate between PD and other forms of pre-synaptic parkinsonism such MSA, PSP, CBD, or LBD. 
  • Consider using SPECT (DaTSCAN) when you want to differentiate essential tremor and pre-synaptic parkinsonism, especially in early stages.


Clinical Best Practices

  • Refer to a movement disorder specialist for diagnosis in complex cases.
  • A movement disorder specialist may order DaTSCANi imaging.
  • Imaging should be performed and scans should be interpreted by professionals with experience using the techniques.


DaTSCANi is a solution of ioflupane that incorporates a radioactive isotope of iodine, molecular weight 123, to emit gamma radiation for imaging with a gamma camera.  I-123 decays by electron capture to telurium 123 with a half-life of 13 hours so the drug must be used soon after synthesis.


Find a DaTSCANi imaging center on GE's DaTSCAN site: www.datscan.com<.