Parkinson's Disease Toolkit


Welcome to the Parkinson's Disease Toolkit, developed by the National Parkinson Foundation!

Parkinson's disease is the second most common< <neurodegenerative disease<.  The management of Parkinson's disease can be complicated, including challenges at diagnosis<, in choosing the right medications<, and in managing patients through hospitalization<.  However, in many circumstances excellent care can be provided in a primary care or non-specialist setting, and the key is a properly structured encounter<, periodically reviewing evolving best practices< and recognizing when to refer< your patient to a therapist or specialist.


Hospitalization in PD

Melanoma in PD


Planning the PD Encounter

Steps to diagnose and manage your patient with PD

About PD

Considering a Parkinson's Diagnosis

Follow-Up Visit with a PD Patient


During the Encounter

Addressing issues as they come up





Parkinson's Reference

Find a topic by keyword



Handouts and Resources

Helpful patient education materials



The National Parkinson Foundation is a not-for profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of Parkinson’s care.  Founded in 1957, NPF is a leading national organization with an extensive grassroots network of Centers of Excellence, chapters and support groups in the United States, Canada and internationally. You can visit< for more information about our programs.